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Some people ask why I didn’t play in Europe


Some people ask why I didn’t play in Europe


“Some people ask why I didn’t play in Europe. But I went to Aston Villa for trials and we played Fiorentina in Italy. I realized this is not my kind of football. It was skop and donner. I did a Show Me Your Number and they swore at me. I decided to come back home and told the Chairman that move wasn’t for me”-

” In the Brazil game, l came from the US and immediately joined the squad and we were playing the next day. It was a long trip,I was tired but I felt good. I told the guys let’s keep the ball and just dribble them.I felt we were more skilful and could out-dribble them and it worked in the first half”

“Second half I saw Zagallo assigned Aldair to mark me. Next thing I know, I had two players marking me. I said to the guys, I’m moving to the side. For 2 minutes I didn’t touch the ball, next thing I saw the board with No 15. I was like what’s going on here. The rest is history”

Clive Barker : “Doctor was one of the best players I worked with. I don’t even call him Doc, I called him my son. I gave him a free role cos he was so good. I made the biggest faux pas by subbing him against Brazil. Even today I want to apologize to the country for that”

“I almost joined Orlando Pirates but it was thanks to Bobby and others that I ended up at Chiefs. Pirates had already approached me. But the next day after school, I was told Chiefs want to see me. When I got there , the Chairman had a contract, already signed by my father”

“For me Shoes and Tsiki Tsiki were both great players. I enjoyed playing with them. But obviously with Shoes we did more in the National Team and that’s why I will choose him between the two”…(Doc responding to a listener)

” I have no problems with Themba Zwane saying he didn’t see much of my games. I can understand. Temba is a great player, we even have the same agent. I thought the days of Teenage Dladla and Botsotso were gone, but he’s proved us wrong. You can see he doesn’t even need to be coached. I enjoy watching him play”

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