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Abortion is never an option.


Abortion is never an option.

“I remember when i took in, the guy that got me pregnant, ask me to abort the child because he wasn’t ready to be a father yet, saying he’s too young to be a dad & that, the baby will only be a distraction to his future. According to him, he planned on becoming rich first before having to think of making a family.

I wasn’t ready for an abortion either, so i refused. He stoped picking my calls & abandoned me with the pregnancy. I couldn’t find him anywhere. He’s very close friend disclosed to me that, he had traveled to Dubai. I was 4months gone that time & when ever i went to school some of my friends & classmates will mock & laugh at my condition. They came a point when I couldn’t handle it anymore coz am a shy person so i dropped out.

Just in time, few months after i gave birth, i went back to school & still graduated & got my degree. Few months after graduation, i got a job with good pay.
Now i have 3 precious achievements to thank God for; A graduate with a lovely son & a well paid permanent job.

Abortion is never an option. Children are a blessing from God, i believe my blessings came through my child♥️.
Sometimes, that baby in your womb might just be your ticket to God’s abundance blessings in your life♥️🥰.” – Lady writes.

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