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Bylaws: So you want to build a house for your parents?


Bylaws: So you want to build a house for your parents?

Renovation Part 2

Before you start building!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you want to build a house for your parents.


The building is supposed to occupy a certain percentage of the yard like e.g 70%.

The government has every right to ask you to demolish the Illegal structure due to non compliance. Yes khwakho

Step 1

Appoint an architect or project manager

Go to the local government look for a town planningor land use manager, ask for a zoning certificate for your property. At a fee of R30.

Step 2

That should inform your architect or and you of the necessary details you need as bylaws differ.

Step 3

The building should be located 2m from the building line to legal boundary line of your property. Except from the gate it should be 5m.

Technically most houses ekasi need to apply for a building line relaxation.

Step 4

Apply for a building line relaxation, it costs R 190 to R400. This allows you to build from your boundary wall line.

Why? this is to avoid you building over bulk infrastructure service line sewer pipes that are in your yard.

Step 5

Upon approval the office will tell you where you can build yes khwakho

Step 6

Apply for all the minor additions done to your property. or else any improvements will be deemed illegal including a carport.


Dont be caught in loosing your hard earned money, if the government decides to change the system or have to change a damaged pipe they will have to demolish your beautiful home, no court will assist you.

It is seen as stealing from the government as you should be paying more in taxes due to the increased in value.

Lastly if you decide to sell your home, those additional alterations can be discarded in the valuations ( non compliance).

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