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I lost everything but I refuse to loose hope. Please help me. Please share my post until someone can hear me.


I lost everything but I refuse to loose hope. Please help me. Please share my post until someone can hear me.

Last year on this day I was released from Sun City Johannesburg Prison; after being kept for a period of 112 days behind bars in a Maximum Security Section following a series of false accusations made by a guy named Tshepo Maqubu.
He deliberately and knowingly falsely accused me of raping his daughter who was 4 years and 6 months at that time.
He impregnated my sibling sister on the year 2013 and then shortly after my sister gave birth in September of 2014 he disappeared and neglected both his daughter and the mother of his daughter who was practically a child herself.
Being the main bread winner at home, that load landed squarely on my already burdened shoulders.
As a young Primary Healthcare Practitioner (Professional Nurse) I supported my sister who was finishing off her Post Graduate Qualification in the field of Management (B.Com ICT). Our youngest sister who was also doing well at High School needed to be offered more support. I left the Department of Health and applied for a better paying Job as a Nurse Mentor for a Global Fund project championed by ANOVA Health Institute.
For 4years I managed to do the best I could and at some point I thought it was better for me to take my niece (when she was only 4months) to come and stay with me at East London as I had a live-in domestic assistant who was glad to assist me with my little baby girl.
After 4 years the father of the child (Tshepo Maqubu) emerged and wanted to take the child to Kimberley… I refused as I strongly felt that she was better off with me as I had a good job with a good salary and I had also grown attached to her. To force his way he accused me of raping his daughter… working in cahoots with a Police Officer (Detective Sebeko) of Protea Glen Police Station, A Prosecutor that I only know as Mr. Tshidzumba of Protea North Court 5 and some Enrolled Nurse at Nthabiseng Thuthuzela Care Centre… Evidence against me was manufactured and on the 6th of April 2019 I was arrested for Sexual Assault and on the 8th of April I was charged with Rape of a minor.
I was denied bail and was sent to Sun City Johannesburg Prison to await Trial… and the Corrupt Law Officials went on to extort money from my family.
In that 16 weeks (4months) that I was kept in remand I suffered a lot of trauma and abuse inside prison. Not to mention that I had already been exposed to harm by the Policeman who came to arrest me; and sustained injuries that left me with a permanent impairment on my left hand.
My savings had almost been exhausted when the State finally withdrew the case against me.
I came back broken, ashamed and economically wounded. I’ve been going up and down trying to get justice since last year but I’m failing to get assistance. I’m meeting a cover-up one after another and I can’t access the necessary help I need. I don’t have an income and I’m slowly losing the little quality of life I came out of Prison with.
My niece who calls me “Mume” was since taken away from my sister by another Official (Social Worker) Nhlanhla Sithebe who wrote a false report about the case to a Commissioner of the Children’s Court at Protea North Court here in Soweto.
I’ve reported this matter to the SAPS Provincial Office but it seems I’m not receiving and successful outcome there. The Social Services Department where the Social Workers and Therapists who attended my niece works; have also been notified but their silence concerning.

My name is Mongameli Goodman Shabalala, I’m a 34 years old young man. I’m a law abiding citizen, I’m a reputable member of society and I’m still alive…
My Contact number is 063 061 6694
My e-mail address is;
I’m based in Protea City near Greenvillage but because I fear for my life and safety I’m residing in East Rand.

I lost everything but I refuse to loose hope.
Please help me. Please share my post until someone can hear me.

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