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People come to Chiefs & do as they like


People come to Chiefs & do as they like

Zwane: No more will people come to Chiefs & do as they like

Kaizer Chiefs interim coach Arthur Zwane has suggested that the club will no longer allow managers to dictate who comes in, but rather they will work with the players the club brings in that is in line with their philosophy and playing-style.

“You can go to all the teams in the world, if you can read the book of Carlo Ancelotti, you will hear him say when he goes to a club, wherever he goes, there’s a culture at the club, and he doesn’t tell the club who to buy,” Zwane told the media.

“He tells the club, I’m a quality coach. I am coming to work with you, those players are your players, and you are the ones who are paying those players. So as a coach, I must make sure that in the team structure, I get the best out of these players.

“Otherwise if the club is going to be buying every player for the coaches, then there’s going to be a problem because everyone comes, doesn’t get it right, he leaves, you are paying a lot of money to those players, another coach comes in and does the same thing! You lose everything, you lose your structure and identity.

“If you look at all the teams in the world that are doing well right now, there’s continuity, there’s a policy, there are pillars in place, that’s what we are trying to do right now. There will be no more people who come to Kaizer Chiefs and do as they please. There’s a structure that needs to be followed and there’s a policy that needs to be respected.”

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