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This is how my husband and I met


This is how my husband and I met

“This is how my husband and I met :
I was at a sales academy at Absa and every time I went to the canteen I didn’t finish my meal because I was always watching him. Then one morning I was like fok maan keamolata. I waited for him and his friend to finish dishing up as he was walking away I approached him. I was like : sorry hle I always see you kamona every day and I like you. He looked at me like I’m some weirdo but smiled, his friend laughed but that didn’t bother me. I told him that my lunch is about to finish so he must give me his numbers and after work he must wait for me next to the bank’s door. He waited for me. We went out for coffee. While he was walking me home I said “so this means you and I are an item” he said YES but I have a girlfriend… I said no problem because she wasn’t his fiancée or wife ( finances & married ones are a no-go-zone because Balimo will show you flames and God does not bless bulls*h ) . The following day it was her birthday, he wanted to buy her a jacket of which I chose 😂. The next day I told him that I can’t share him so he must dump her, he said “okay no problem” and he did. A month after that he moved in with me, 6 months down the line I told him that ko hae they are not gonna approve our vat n sit so he must move out we’ll visit each other . He was like “Hell NO I’ll rather marry you then he bought me an engagement ring and bo malome came for mahadi, he wanted to pay the whole amount but I made him wait a whole year after paying the first half because I wanted to be sure that he was what I needed in my life . 💍💖💕💞💓♥️”

Post written by: Theorganized FitnessWife-Mom (Facebook)

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