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What was supposed to be my piece of joy turned into a nightmare.


What was supposed to be my piece of joy turned into a nightmare.

Hatfield VW Northcliff

What was supposed to be my piece of joy turned into a nightmare.

I bought my Golf 8 GTI on the 17th of February 2022. I drove my brand new wheels off the floor dealership with so much happiness. My first day of having my car I had an error while driving back to Nelspruit, when I arrived in Nelspruit my bumper on the side was loose and missing a screw. I notified my salesman to the extent that he told me that, that is how the Golf 8 Gti’s came. Little did he know you had to put it back into place and replace the screw to hold it.

3 months down the line I had electronic faults on my vehicle to which the vehicle would shut down while driving. When it went into the dealership they told me nothing was wrong, I happily took my car until the fault came back on. I took my car with the technician for a test drive and funnily enough the fault popped up. I then asked for a diagnostic test on my car, to which my car had 44 pages of errors (mind you, this is a brand spanking new car!). After 2 weeks of sitting at the dealership they told me they needed to replace the steering wheel, I had given them the chance to do so. The faults kept coming up after that! That same persistent fault, would trigger other issues on the vehicle.

My car has been in and out of the dealership for the past 9 months, data extracted from it several times , send to technicians overseas etc. They even made me reposition my tracker because they thought the “tracker” brought on the faults.

Driving a brand new car with all these faults with a baby is absolutely ridiculous VW! I have gotten stuck in an area with no network with my son!

9 months of speaking to the dealer principle at VW northcliff and it’s just been “oh we will fix it, we will have to see what’s wrong” but for so long? You couldn’t even give me a courtesy car due to the fact that I was based in nelspruit!

A million rand car for absolutely shit!

VW I am disappointed, frustrated and angry! 9 months of hell with my new car. I have lost so much money and suffered so much with my vehicle that I will never get back!

You guys are of no help at all! VW prides themselves on excellent service and quality cars but this is actually a bunch of nonsense! “Exceptional expertise and skilled technicians” – 9 months of figuring out a problem and not fixing my car???? This car is a factory recall!

I have absolutely no idea how this car passed any of the checks when it was sold to me!

This is what gives VW it’s bad name and pathetic service!

What a pathetic dealership!

I am absolutely livid!

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