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You can’t be this beautiful and have HIV


You can’t be this beautiful and have HIV

So today I had a neighbor over and we had our normal little chat about everything that women normally speak about then she told me she was at a local pharmacy earlier to fetch her chronic medication and i asked what chronic treatment is she on then she said “Hypertension” to which I responded “oh okay I’m on ARVs”, pointing to my meds which really are never hidden , I hate having to look for them when I need to take them so I usually have a container in the lounge, 1 in the car and another in the bedroom , then she was shocked, startled, out of words and very uncomfortable for a moment and eventually started calling my bluff and saying I can’t be this beautiful and have HIV, for a moment I was taken aback by her reaction because she was very casual about her chronic condition but felt otherwise about me being just as casual, I mean both are normal chronic Conditions, or aren’t they ? She then said she’s quickly coming back and never did πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Never mind the pic, I’m just reminding myself of how drop dead gorgeous I am.

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